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a chance encounter with a valentine

Sometimes, like many of us, I am so discouraged by the dark news we hear. I am saddened by the meanness, the lack of soul, even the lack of basic courtesy that we encounter in our everyday travels.
So, how lovely it was, on Valentine’s Day, to exit the Glamorgan Safeway in south west Calgary, and see an elderly man fighting his way to his car against the bitter wind. He was at least 80, maybe more. He was tall and slim. His suit was old, close to threadbare, and loose on him. His head was balding on top. He resolutely worked his way to his car, and I saw that he was carrying (and protecting against the wind) a bouquet of tulips, and a beautiful floral potted plant. Who was the intended recipient? His wife? His partner? His housekeeper? His daughter? No matter. Love triumphs.

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