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I have a problem with our driveway. Because we live in the inner city (Home of Construction Everywhere, No Matter the Economy) our driveway is frequently blocked by obnoxious white pickup trucks. I leave plaintive (and sometimes threatening) notes on their windshield, and sometimes (sometimes) they move. Hey, we paid big bucks to have that driveway installed, and I do not appreciate having to haul groceries half a block when I have a driveway. Or, more exactly, I would have a driveway if white pickup truck drivers who are either myopic, stupid or just plain inconsiderate, didn’t block it.
So, this evening, when I saw Yet Another Vehicle blocking our driveway, I was moved to foray out and have a little chat. I immediately ascertained that it was a young boy and his mother moving in next door (a situation I greet with glee, gratitude, relief, you name it, as nobody likes to have an empty house next door which would be an invitation to drug dealers, thugs, ghosts, ghouls, rodents and more).
So I greeted this young boy cheerily, reminding him that they were parked across our driveway, but it was PERFECTLY OKAY, and I was glad to see them moving in.
His reaction was similar to that you might see in a low budget tv movie where the villain is a teenage boy with a blank face who ends up being a serial killer.
Oh, dear, I thought. I have alienated the poor boy. So a little later, I went out again, and asked to speak to his mother. His reaction, again, was closer to that of a thug than a well brought up teenage boy.
My initial reaction was that somehow I had failed to make these people feel welcome in the neighbourhood, despite my expressions of gladness that they had moved in.
Then, WHOA, I thought! My cousin Michael has brought up two extremely decent teenagers with SOCIAL SKILLS (yes, a few of us have heard of these and sometimes practice them!) and I can’t imagine his two lovely children ever being so obnoxiously obtuse as this young guy, who was reluctant to call his mother so I could speak to her and welcome her to the neighbourhood.
Then, again, I did an about face and wondered if these people were coming from difficult circumstances. Maybe this obtuse young kid had been abused and was doing the best he could. Maybe moving into this old house in Killarney was a big step forward for them. Maybe he was so troubled he didn’t know how to respond to kindness and courtesy.
And then, next step in this perambulation of manners and annoyance, I thought, well, maybe this kid is just a future THUG or worse, serial killer!
GREAT! I have a future serial killer living next door!

I guess you can tell that I should really not overthink these things.

Bottom line: Why on earth can’t parents teach their kids basic manners (as my cousin has done)????

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