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Spring is here! It’s official! In fact, it might have whizzed past over a few days, and now summer is hot on its heels. How do I know? I have my special signs. Gardeners get excited because they can start their flowerbeds. Mountain bikers rejoice in the open trails. Sporty types start donning their shorts and jogging shoes. Me, I’m grateful for the more arcane signs of spring.

My car radio has refused, absolutely refused to remember any of my pre-set stations since October, giving me static and requiring much fiddling for the first few minutes in the car. Yesterday, I turned on the radio and Espace Musique started playing! Yes, Spring is here! I have music again! Since October, the remote for the garage door opener has demanded at least ten tries before the door finally starts to creak shut. Maddening. Yesterday, a miracle! It closed on the first try. Yes, Spring is here! YAY. My neighbour’s boat has suddenly parked itself next to our fence, another sign of the change in seasons.

People are smiling at each other, despite the economy. Cashiers are more polite. Neighbours say hello. Even the construction workers next door seem in a cheery mood.

Here’s to spring!

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