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bill vauthrin, photographer

For those of you who are wondering who took the Extremely Cute and Flattering photos of MOI for the website, the name of the photographer is Bill Vauthrin. He is extremely talented, a lovely man with a wide range of interests, and he is responsible for the photos of my Deadly Dues launch, as well. He also is responsible for the photos of me looking demented (and occasionally cute) in Rebel Cook: Entertaining Advice for the Clueless.
Given my luddite ways, I have not yet figured out how to add his photo credit to the relevant photos. In the meantime, I sing his praises. Hallelujah.
I figure I am extremely lucky to have a friend who is a professional photographer who shows up at events and snaps away at MOI and all and sundry. I must have done something right in an earlier life.

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  1. Sharon Cook says:

    I saw your comment on your photographer right afer working my way through your gallery. The photos are excellent! Congratulations to you both!

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