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This is a great day to think about all the blessings we have, living in Canada. People have nice manners, and are generally kind and good. We have a health care system that works, despite some glitches (okay, like 8 hour waits in ERs). We have clear skies, good roads, and generally speaking, government with integrity. I may rant about reduced government funding for CBC and the arts, but I am still grateful that I actually manage to get some dough to do my work every now and again, and that I have a wonderful publisher (Heritage House Group and TouchWood Editions) who are still in business, malgre tout, and who are committed to Canadian authors.
I like being able to see a nice mountain or a Mountie every now and again. And being able to go to a nice, clean, friendly library.
Most of all, I am grateful just to be a Canadian. We may be dismissed globally as being nice (or so I am told) but we are still NICE, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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