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I am addicted to The Good Wife. So I was dismayed to read of the recent death of Tony Scott (one of the producers) , in what was apparently a suicide leap. What dismayed, upset, enraged me even more was an incredibly stupid and meanspirited article which began by belittling his talent and substance as a director, then went on to glorify his famous brother, Ridley Scott. What sort of death notice is that? Sure, I suppose that in the big picture, various aspects of the career should be noted, but for pete’s sake, the man just died! Don’t belittle him before the body is in the grave, the ashes are in the urn, whatever. I wondered if the meanspirited (or just plain stupid) journalist had an axe to grind with T. Scott, maybe some history.
I came to two conclusions. First, that we should all prepare our own obits, just in case our nearest and dearest go MIA, and some distant acquaintance is the one to sum up our life’s achievements. And secondly, mmmmmmm, that I have a vivid imprint of Tony Scott’s name on the credits of tv shows and films, but ….. is this significant? ….. have no idea of the name of the meanspirited writer who chose to belittle him in death.

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