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For as long as I can remember, we have had squirrels in our back yard. Our neighbourhood has many beautiful old trees, and there is a community of squirrels that happily play along our street, summer or winter. They have lots of personality, which is putting it in a very kind way. I suppose I could be less kind and say they are noisy and have a tendency to jump from tree to roof. This sounds very cute, unless you are sound asleep and suddenly, what must have been a really overweight squirrel lands heavily on the roof about your head. YOW.

Now we have more homesteaders. For the past few months, a rather large rabbit has been hanging out in our backyard. The first time I saw him (or her) I opened the garage door, saw this large thing on the lawn, and screamed. (I am a nervous sort of person when I encounter large, strange living things on my lawn.) The rabbit got frightened, too, and ran away. I was disappointed it wasn’t wearing a little blue velvet jacket.

Now, there are two rabbits. I think they hang out in the wildflowers at one end of our garden. They don’t seem to be doing any harm. They basically just sit on the lawn and look like a Duhrer print.

I don’t know which I prefer. The rabbits are quiet but sort of boring. The squirrels have loads of personality and are very energetic, and even though they work out by leaping from tree to tree to housetop, I think they should take dance lessons instead. Less intrusive. Plus, the squirrels have very bad table manners and leave half eaten crabapples all over the sidewalk, which is messy and inconsiderate.

I hear somebody spotted a cougar in their backyard the other day, so I guess I should be grateful we have only bunnies and squirrels to deal with.

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