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I love the Food Network. I watch it. I subscribe to the magazine. At various times in my career, enthusiastic television producers, having seen me in action or having read The Rebel Cook,  have raved about my future as a Food Network host. Hey, it might still happen, even though not until I am pushing a walker around and cackling at the chicken in the pot.

What’s not to like about the Food Network? So soothing to watch all that butter sizzling with garlic and chicken browning.

Of course, when I am watching all that glorious action, much more riveting to me than a schlock thriller movie, everything goes black, and when I  come to, I am standing at the kitchen stove, melting butter in a frying pan, and inhaling garlic. No wonder I have high cholesterol.

Despite that, I have a crush on all the Food Network stars, except maybe that mean guy on Master Chef, who scares the heck out of me. Recently, Food Network magazine featured interviews with various of the hosts, asking them for details of their approach to food and the shows. As a music lover, I had new and horrifying insights into some of my idols when I discovered that they listened to Metallica and Van Halen. (I guess this is music, but setting the bar pretty low ….)

My new love is Geoffrey Zakarian, who was the only host who listed anything approaching jazz as his music of choice, when he chose ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra. Purists can scoff, but nobody can beat Frank singing ‘Fly Me to the Moon.” Thank you, Geoffrey, for reassuring me that you love food AND music. And I am sure you will understand when I tell you, that I could never eat anything prepared by somebody who listens to Metallica. I am just a fussy sort of gal.

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