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boxing day loafing around

If anybody out there has read my second book, The Rebel Cook: Entertaining Advice for the Clueless, you will know that I am not a cook. I am a non-cook, but a relentless hostess of dinner parties. Go figure. So The Rebel Cook is, as one of my publishers noted, an anti cookbook.
Here is my recipe for Boxing Day Loaf:
Leftover turkey (or chicken) cut into small pieces
Leftover stuffing
Leftover mashed potatoes
Leftover yams and carrots
One egg, beaten up a bit, just so it cries uncle
Salt, pepper, maybe curry if you like it
Mash it all up and squash it into a loaf pan.
Grate (or cut, if you are lazy like me) some cheddar or havarti cheese on top.
Throw it into the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
Put your feet up and inhale a glass of chardonnay.
Serve with cranberry sauce or jelly and whatever else you have left over from Christmas dinner, including the wine, brandy, and cognac.

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bill vauthrin, photographer

For those of you who are wondering who took the Extremely Cute and Flattering photos of MOI for the website, the name of the photographer is Bill Vauthrin. He is extremely talented, a lovely man with a wide range of interests, and he is responsible for the photos of my Deadly Dues launch, as well. He also is responsible for the photos of me looking demented (and occasionally cute) in Rebel Cook: Entertaining Advice for the Clueless.
Given my luddite ways, I have not yet figured out how to add his photo credit to the relevant photos. In the meantime, I sing his praises. Hallelujah.
I figure I am extremely lucky to have a friend who is a professional photographer who shows up at events and snaps away at MOI and all and sundry. I must have done something right in an earlier life.

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teeny tiny correction

How on earth am I going to sell any books when I mistype the address of my publisher?
Yes, I missed the ‘m’. That finger must have been napping at the time …..

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Where to buy my books (please just put a trunk of them under the Christmas tree, haha)

A colleague recently pointed out that I haven’t told people who visit this site where to buy my books! Yikes! What sort of a promoter am I? Anybody interested can find them on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca, in some Chapters/Indigo stores, and independent bookstores across Canada. Rebel Women: Achievements Beyond the Ordinary is everywhere, airports, supermarkets, drugstores, even the B.C. ferries, I hear! And, of course, through my publishers at www.touchwoodeditions.co, or www.heritagehouse.ca
Happy Hunting!

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A Christmas Haircut

My screenwriting partner, Bill Robertson, and I have just received news that A Christmas Haircut, the short film we co-wrote (which Bill also directed) is airing again this year on Bravo! throughout December. See the link to the Bravo! website below. We are so pleased that this little musical mystery seems to be a perennial favourite. To check it out, go to the link below. Liane Balaban (Last Chance Harvey) stars as the hairdresser and is absolutely lovely.
Happy Holidays, Ho Ho Ho!

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the good wife, the good buttons and the still undecided christmas

I am struggling to get organized for Christmas (like so many other women across North America). I tell myself I am so evolved and spiritual that I am beyond fretting about doing The Perfect Christmas, and this is true, to a certain extent. But I still have little moments of guilt about the cards not sent, the presents not bought or wrapped, the parties not given nor attended. As I write this, at this very minute, I am busy Not Attending a Writers’ Guild party which I am sure would be pleasant, but which seems, on this snowy night, too much. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that said party is being held in a very loud, raucous pub which used to be a funeral parlour.  For all I know, I could be quaffing drinks in an enbalming room…..

So, at this time of year, my favourite television series are a wonderful escape for me. I am counting the moments until Downton Abbey returns. In the meantime, I mark Sunday evening on my calendar as Good Wife Night. I love this series, so intelligently written and wonderfully acted.

I loved the December 11 episode, even though I was bewildered by some aspects of it. I check out the blogs regularly, and especially enjoy Jada Yuen’s blog for NY magazine. I was beginning to be somewhat put off by Alicia’s stoic suffering, so I practically cheered when she stormed into Cary’s office like an avenging angel on Kalinda’s behalf. YOW. This is more fire than Alicia has shown so far in the entire series. I expected Cary to melt into a puddle of guilt.

But he didn’t.  I can’t figure out if I missed something crucial here. In one episode, he is obsessed, smitten, overcome with tenderness and lust for Kalinda, and in two episodes later, he is throwing her in jail? I know all about love scorned, but it seems to me as if he dumped Kalinda mid-makeout a few episodes ago. But all is forgiven if Alicia and Kalinda are tentatively re-starting their friendship because of this. And, because I have great faith in, and admiration for, the King writing team, I am expecting they will come up with one doozie of a comeback for Cary in the ethics department.

But let’s get to the important stuff. BUTTONS. Yes, buttons!!!! As all my friends, and a select few of my business associates know, I am an avid collector of vintage and antique buttons. Not an authority, by any means, but certainly far advanced from being a beginning collector. When I can, I attend the National Button Society shows, and when I can’t, I rely on the wonderful NBS magazines to keep me from going into button withdrawal.

So, when one of the jurors in the last The Good Wife turned out to be a button collector, I thought it was hilarious and wonderful. I recognized myself in her obsessive display and sharing. I am guessing maybe one of the Kings is a button collector. How else did they capture so perfectly in the writing, the life of the button collector? Even the trays mounted on her apartment walls were perfect. And the buttons discussed weren’t the obvious moonglows or Operas, but more arcane categories. When the collector/juror (extremely well played by an actress whose name I forget, blush) asked Kalinda, “Have you ever seen a Deccan button?” I thought she said Declan, and spent some time with Sally Luscomb’s Encyclopedia of Buttons, searching for this term, and then realized that she most likely said, “Deccan buttons” which are art buttons from a region of India, which would be perfect to snag Kalinda’s interest (or so one would think).

Meanwhile, the evil Wendy Scott Carr, and the venomous Dana seem to be like characters lifted from a fairy tale, perhaps Once Upon A Time? The moment when Dana gloated to the jailed Kalinda, “you look a little pale”, seemed sort of awful to me. But then I am a Pollyanna sort of gal, always hoping for the best in people. Whoops. I have to take that back, because I thoroughly enjoyed Peter’s masterful and threatening exchange with the waffling headmistress. Does that make me a bad person? I wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of his threats, but I sure enjoyed watching him threaten. Art over real life, right?

In the meantime, I am going back to trying not to fret about Christmas. Isn’t it funny, how one can, some years, be totally above the hype and be able to simply BE at Christmas (which in my experience, are the best kinds) and other years, one can buy into the hype and feel the guilt and worry that is so useless.

Me, I am going to tell people they should settle for love and kisses and good karma from me. Because no turkey is going to bite the dust on my behalf. I have cooked my last turkey. They are all safe from my tender care. (Especially, the last one, which all but leapt out of the roaster in outrage and ran out of the house to the nearest gas station for refuge.)

Just carrying on here,


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Happy Author

I was so happy last year when this wonderful review of Deadly Dues appeared in Quill & Quire.

Review of Deadly Dues by Linda Kupecek | Quill & Quire
I was unbearable for days, carrying on about it everybody who would listen, my friends, family, cashiers at Safeway, and gas station attendants. Hey, enjoy the moment, I say!
This has been lurking on my desktop for nearly a year. But now that I have figured out ( fingers crossed) how to post, I can file it with Happy Things.

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late so late

I so often compare myself to the White Rabbit, “Late, I’m late! For a very important date!” So it is no surprise that I am so late to the party with entries on my website. Hey, I am so impressed I have a website that I can barely read the instructions sent to me by my webmaster (my cousin, who very kindly doesn’t sneer at me for my incompetence).
So, finally, I have figured out how to do this. If not, there is always snail mail or the Ouija Board …..

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