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Labour Day

A long weekend is always welcome, even to a self-employed freelancer. I usually work nonstop during a long weekend, because the phone isn’t ringing with distractions. I have always done my best and most intense writing on holidays. (I blush to admit that sometimes I have forgotten that not everybody feels the same way, and have made absentminded phone calls on Sunday evenings, trying to clear up some obscure bit of information. I really, really hope that everybody I have done this do has forgiven me by now. I suppose it is like people calling me to confirm a dental appointment at 7 a.m., after I have worked until 4 a.m. and fallen into bed in the hopes of sleeping til 11 a.m. Ah, we all follow our own path. Mine is just a bit more irregular than those of others.)
Labour Day is special in other ways, a reminder of how unions have created better and safer workplaces in every industry, including mine in the cultural industries. I also love hearing my elders’ stories of the Labour Day celebrations in the Drumheller Valley in the 1930s, when every Labour Day was an occasion for free ice cream, games, races and laughter.

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  1. Nash Black says:

    The worst thing for the free lancer or retired is that holidays are generally memories of times past. Same is true for weekends.
    We work at our own pace (hit a long dry spell) on our own time, which is never 9-5. Never had one of those jobs.
    We drive others nuts as they do us.
    Glad to see your posts. Getting back in the groove. Phone’s ring is like my dog’s bark when she sees a squirrel in the backyard. I just a mile at the sudden noise and growl when the fantastic train of thought is broken.
    Will get back in touch, just dropped in to say hello.

  2. Nash Black says:

    That was supposed to be “jump a mile” in the last post. Talk about breaking a train of thought.

  3. Linda says:

    Technology. Always a mystery to me.

  4. Linda says:

    SO great to hear from you!

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