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I have a new phrase to offer to chiropractors, massage therapists, and physicians: BUTTON BACK.
It is excruciating. It limits movement. All that pain, and it is caused by a person, a button collector like MOI, spending way too long bent over a big tray of buttons, sorting and ooh and aahing and thinking and trying to decide which to keep and which to move onto another home.

After a few hours of this, lost in the meditative world of the button collector, one feels so relaxed. And so doubled over with excruciating back pain. As I write this, I am bent over like Quasimodo, only with none of the rewards of being a famed literary character. I am just me, an author with a modest bestseller and several other well regarded books to me name, lurching around the house and the computer with Button Back.

Maybe I could launch a line of Button Back health products: Button Balm, Button Back Beautiful, and so on. It would be a big hit with the button crowd. Of course, the only place I could sell this stuff would be at the National Button Society Show in the U.S. every August. I figure I have almost a year to figure this out.

On the other hand, maybe I should just do some yoga, and think of buttons.

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  1. Snoozin says:

    BUTTON BACK – sounds a heck of a lot better then having a BUTTON BUTT! LOL Loved your LuLu Malone mystery, ‘Deadly Dues’. Hoping your next book will be out soon. Best wishes from……Snoozin Porter, your newest fan and fellow button collector. 😉

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Susan,
    Much better than Button Butt! Although there could be such a thing as Button Bruises (from accidentally sitting on a pile of buttons) Button Bleariness (from straining your eyes looking at buttons) and Button Bankruptcy Blues (from spending too much money on buttons).
    I am so glad you liked Deadly Dues. The next Lulu Malone mystery, Trashing the Trailer, is in the works. Lulu and Horatio have more adventures. Well, she has the adventures. He is just along for the ride!

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