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I should never be allowed near a window. Nothing good will come of it.

Today, I should be working on my next Lulu mystery, but instead, I was seized with a futile desire to address my office windows and my kitchen windows.

I ask you, do you know anybody in the world who enjoys hanging curtains? I don’t know a soul who considers this a fun sort of task, and when I win the lotto, I will never ever do it again.

First, I took down the curtains from my kitchen windows and did a revamp. I huffed and puffed, and was so pleased with myself until I realized that a) I had hung the curtains UPSIDE DOWN, with the flowers inverted, and b) I had hung SHOWER CURTAINS in the kitchen.

Square One. Instead of dissolving into tears, I moved to the office where I dismantled the makeshift curtains I had created from old tablecloths (my inspiration being old decorating magazines, the type that say Decorate Your Home With Flea Market Finds, which is basically my style and budget of decor anyway.) I then was mightily pleased with myself after I put up lacy sheers and then a beautiful tapestry tablecloth which I had cut in half to fit the window. Beautiful. Or it would have been had I actually measured the material. Instead, the sheers are hanging below the pretty blue curtains, rather like going out in public with your slip showing.

I am calling it a day here. At least I was composed enough not to grab the hammer and start pounding the window frame and fixtures, which I have been know to do in the past, and which has made my neighbours Very Nervous.

Tomorrow is another day. For Creative Curtains. For Creativity. For Windows. For Windows of Opportunity. And hey, I might win the lotto and never have to do this again.

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